Everything You Need to Know About Friuli

Regional diversity is one of the many reasons why Italy is so great. In the realms of food and wine, Italy truly does it all. And when it comes to special bottlings, looking to Italy’s ‘outer borough’ regions is definitely worth the trek. Here, we’re taking you on a journey through Friuli,...

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6 Tips for Building a Go-To Case of Wine

Every wine enthusiast reaches that crucial moment in their drinking regimen when simply having a go-to bottle on hand just doesn’t cut it ...

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Our Favorite Wine Bars in San Francisco

Grabbing a bottle and staying in is great, but sometimes, a night out in the city is exactly what the doctor ordered. Here at Verve, we take our ...

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Meet Our Friend, Winemaker, Sommelier, and Award-Winning Author, Rajat Parr

There’s no one in the world like Rajat Parr. An accomplished sommelier, winemaker, and award-winning author, Rajat made his way to the States back ...

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Our Favorite Wine and Taco Pairings

As much as we love a good margarita, tacos and wine provide some of the most versatile and delicious pairings on the planet. We’ve matched up five ...

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Everything You Need to Know About New Zealand

When it comes to New Zealand wine, thirst-quenching Sauvignon Blanc is usually the first thing to spring to mind. However, across both islands, ...

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Meet Our Friend, Wine Director & Managing Partner at CdVS, Caleb Ganzer

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Introducing our friend, fellow sommelier, partner in crime, and mastermind behind Compagnie des Vins ...

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Producers We Love: Domaine Tempier

IAmongst a sea of Provencal producers, Domaine Tempier stands above the rest. Headed by the iconic Peyraud family, the Tempier estate has become ...

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Discover Hungary, Central Europe's Hotbed Rich Dessert Wines & 'Bull's Blood'

When it comes to Old World viticulture, Central Europe is exploding with rich history and delicious bottles-- and Hungary is no exception. ...

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Meet Our Friend, Sommelier & Managing Partner at Racines NYC, Pascaline Lepeltier, MS

French wine aficionados, soil geeks, and lovers of #chenincheninchenin, get to know our friend, Pascaline Lepeltier MS! Pascaline comes to us from ...

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Are You a Vinification Expert? Test Your Knowledge Here

We all love to drink the final product-- but how much do you actually know about the production process? Test your vinification knowledge with ...

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Discover Savoie, France’s Alpine Influenced Wine Region

Small but fierce, Savoie is one of France’s most interesting and underrated regions, producing thirst-quenching wines from an array of local ...

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Get to Know the Wine World’s Six ‘Noble’ Grape Varieties

In the world of grape hierarchy, six special varieties sit slightly above the rest. These ‘Noble Grape’ varieties-- yes, this term actually ...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Mind About Riesling

In the world of misunderstood grape varieties, Riesling is perhaps the most misconstrued of them all. For far too long, the grape was associated ...

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Meet Our Friend, Author and Sommelier, Sarah Thomas of Le Bernardin

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Aspiring authors, sommeliers, and lovers of all things food, get to know our friend Sarah Thomas, one of our ...

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5 New Year's Wine Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Come January 1st, New Year’s resolutions are the only thing on everyone’s mind-- that is, for about thirty days, until said goals are either ...

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Discover Austria, Central Europe’s Capital for Cool Climate Wines

Known for crisp whites, earthy, high-acid reds, and rare yet delicious dessert wines, Austria’s viticultural scene has come a long way since ...

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Sparkling Wines from Around the World, Explained

Whatever the situation, sparkling wine is always the solution. Whether brunching, celebrating the holidays, or toasting to the ‘little things’ in ...

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Meet Champagne Queen Rita Jammet

Love a good sparkle? Then you have to meet our friend, Rita Jammet, founder of La Caravelle Wines/Bouquet Ventures Hospitality. Rita received her ...

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Five of Our Favorite Spanish Natural Wine  Producers

Over the last few decades, Spanish wine has seen a serious revolution-- and we can’t get enough. What was once synonymous with bulk wine and ...

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Meet Restauranteur, Italian Winemaker, and Sommelier, Joe Campanale

Love natural wine, restaurants, and all things southern Italy? Then you have to meet our sommelier, restaurateur, and wine educator friend, Joe ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Aging Wine

To pour or to store, that is (generally) the question-- at least if you’re as into wine as we are. Knowing when, which bottles, and how to ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Decanting Wine

Serving bottles with the proper decanting etiquette, as well as at the appropriate temperature, is imperative to making sure that a wine shows its ...

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Our Favorite California Wine Producers | Verve Wine

A Guide to Our Favorite California Producers

With 480,000 acres under vines and a signature ‘New World Winemaking’ style, there’s no region in the world like California, home to 90% of ...

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The Best Temperatures for Serving Various Wines

Temperature is easily one of the most overlooked, yet imperative, components to impeccable wine service. Consuming wines at the proper temperature ...

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Choosing a Sparkling Wine for Every Occasion

No matter what the occasion, sparkling wine always fits the bill. Whether brunching with friends, giving a holiday gift, or simply enjoying a ...

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Meet Author, Sommelier, & Napa Valley Expert, Kelli White

Before her writing career, Kelli worked as a sommelier at New York City’s Veritas & St. Helena’s PRESS; in 2013, she was named one of Food & Wine’s

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Map of Tuscany, Italy | Verve Wine

A Guide to Our Favorite Tuscany Producers

Rolling hills, medieval villages, and juicy Sangiovese as far as the eye can see; it’s no surprise that many wine drinkers’ obsessions began ...

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5 Tips For Choosing the Best Thanksgiving Wines

Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner is stressful enough; add in the stress of choosing wines to serve, and you’re bound to be in over your head. However, ...

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Discover Tuscany - Italy's Most Famous Wine Region

For many, falling into the world of Italian wine begins with Tuscany. Considered a gateway drug for consumers worldwide, the region is a common ...

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Meet the Minds Behind the SOMM Trilogy, Jason & Christina Wise

Can’t get enough of the SOMM documentary series? Meet the brains behind the project, Jason and Christina Wise, founders of Forgotten Man ...

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Get to Know Piedmont, Home to World Class Nebbiolo

Tucked away in northwestern Italy, Piedmont is one of the country’s wine producing hotbeds. From the boisterous wines of Barolo, to the easy ...

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Map of Piedmont, Italy | Verve Wine

A Guide to Our Favorite Piedmont Producers

Nestled away in the foggy hills of northwestern Italy, a grape-growing haven thrives at the feet of the snow-dusted Alps. For zesty whites and ...

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Our Favorite Wine Bars in New York City

As much as we love grabbing a bottle and cozying up at home, sometimes, heading out for a night of wine on the town is just what the evening calls ...

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French Wine Regions And Producers

There’s wine-- and then there’s French wine. From the cool, saline-tinged coasts of the Loire, to the sweltering, sun-drenched region of ...

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Discover France's Rhône Valley - North vs. South

Northern Rhône, Southern Rhône-- what’s the difference? Although the two lay nestled within the same valley, the Northern and Southern Rhône ...

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Wines That Pair Perfectly With Fall Dishes

Fall flavors are some of our favorites; from rich soups and stews to pumpkin spice everything, we look forward to gorging on these earthy, savory ...

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Map of Burgundy, France | Verve Wine

A Guide to Our Favorite Burgundy Producers

For a proper taste of terroir, look no further than the wines of Burgundy, where endless crus, superior quality, and single-vineyards as far as ...

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How to Properly Open Sparkling Wine

Whether working the floor or simply hosting guests at home, knowing how to properly open a bottle of sparkling wine is step number one to offering ...

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Map of Beaujolais in France

A Guide To Our Favorite Beaujolais Producers

For a wine that makes sense in every situation, look no further than Beaujolais. These juicy, Gamay-based wines are the definition of ...

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What NOT to Do When Pairing Food & Wine

Here at Verve, we are huge proponents of drinking what you love with whatever you decide to eat; however, knowing some basic no-no’s will assure ...

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What You Need to Know About Natural Wine

Love it or hate it, natural wine is one of the industry’s most widely discussed and debated topics; though for many, a few basic questions still ...

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A Guide To Our Favorite Loire Producers

For one of the best quality to price ratios the industry has to offer, look no further than the Loire Valley. Chillable reds, chuggable whites, ...

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7 Rosé Producing Regions You Should Know

From pale pinks to darker hues, to still, varietal, blended, or bubbly, rosé wines are produced all over the style spectrum-- and we have a ...

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A Guide To Our Favorite Champagne Producers

Just 150 kilometers east of Paris, France’s famed City of Lights, lies the world’s unofficial capital of sparkling wine. For the world’s most ...

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A Guide To Our Favorite Rhone Producers

From savory varietal Syrah in the North, to boisterous Grenache-based blends in the South, dotted with full-bodied whites and zesty rosés in ...

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Meet Bad Boy Turned Master Sommelier Carlton McCoy

Looking to take a walk on the wild side? Meet bad boy turned Master Sommelier, Carlton McCoy Jr, MS, wine director of The Little Nell in Aspen, ...

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What Are Tannins?

Tannins are hands down one of the wine world’s most highly misunderstood components. When paired properly with food, tannins in wine can elevate ...

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5 Tips For Pairing Food & Wine

We’re letting you in on a secret: pairing food and wine isn’t as tricky as you think! Whether eating out at a restaurant or prepping dinner at ...

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