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A Guide to Our Favorite Burgundy Producers

October 30, 2018 in Regions & Producers

For a proper taste of terroir, look no further than the wines of Burgundy, where endless crus, superior quality, and single-vineyards as far as the eye can see dominate the luscious, vine-drenched hills.

All Roads Lead to Burgundy

When it comes to varietal wines, Burgundy reigns king. Nutrient-rich limestone soils cradle decades old vines of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, crafting some of the world’s most terroir-driven bottles. In a region whose history runs just as deep as the roots in its soil, Burgundy continues to claim the hearts (and palates) of sommeliers, wine geeks, and casual everyday drinkers all over the planet. 

With countless lieux dits and distinct microclimates, attention to both producer and vintage is key. Though grape variety remains the same, each vigneron’s unique touch brings an irreplicable diversity to every bottle, more so than in any other wine-producing region. From the fossil studded soils of Chablis down to the southerly Maconnais, there’s really nowhere in the world quite like Burgundy.


Grand Crus




Hectares of vines
Map of Burgundy, France | Verve Wine

Our Favorite Producers

We believe that great wine is crafted by the hands of exceptional winemakers. The producers below have been carefully curated just for you.

Jean-Marc Roulot - Meursault | Verve Wine
Jean-Marc Roulot at his cellar in Meursault. © Michael Sager


Legendary producers with unmatchable prestige; cellar necessities.


Innovative producers who make us think; impressive and influential.

France has many wine regions and producers worth exploring. Learn more about our favorite producers from Champagne, Beaujolais, Loire, and The Rhone.

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