5 Pantry Staples to Have on Hand at All Times, According to a Michelin-Starred Chef (And the Wines to Drink With Them!)

Now more than ever, wine drinkers across the country are preparing their meals at home -- which means grocery store pickings are pretty slim. So ...

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Decoding Wine Labels: How to Know What's Inside the Bottle

Wine labels can tell you far more about what’s in the bottle than just what meets the eye. However, knowing a few simple decoding hacks is key. ...

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Keep Calm, Buy Wine Online

**A note from our co-founder, Dustin Wilson MS: To our dear guests,We’re living in a crazy time that none of us could have planned for. Although ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Grower Champagne

Here at Verve Wine, we believe that there’s never a bad time to drink Champagne. However, when we decide to pop a bottle of bubbles, we make sure ...

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Take Wine Seriously, but Not Too Seriously

Our last wine resolution for 2020 is the simplest yet most important of them all: have fun! Here at Verve Wine, we’re making this our mantra for ...

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Four Wine Books You Need to Read in 2020

Here at Verve Wine, we love geeking out on wine just as much as you do-- and contrary to popular belief, learning about the stuff doesn’t require ...

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Our Wine Resolutions for 2020

With 2019 officially on its way out, we’re looking ahead and setting some new wine-related goals for ourselves in the New Year. Although 2019 ...

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Only the Best for Sipping & Sharing

There’s no time of year more stressful than the holidays. Between parties, traveling, and seemingly endless sessions in the kitchen, it’s ...

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Barrels, Cement, and Tanks, Oh My! A Primer on Wine's Most Popular Vinification Vessels

When it comes to making quality wine, vinification choices are just as impactful to the final cuvée as the grape varieties used. In addition to ...

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Pro Tips for Tailgating

Tailgating season is officially upon us and that can only mean one thing: the booze is officially flowing. So how exactly does one go about ...

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What 24 Hours of Harvest Looks Like

Life on a vineyard seems romantic: working with sprawling rows of gnarly vines, connecting to Mother Earth and all of her natural resources, ...

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Nerding Out on Soil : Why You Should Give a Schist

Soil plays a massive role in the way a final wine tastes. It may seem insignificant, but the composition and texture of the dirt in which vines ...

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Producer Spotlight: Domaine Roulot

We're bringing you in deeper and sharing some of the wines that not only tickle our taste buds, but also come from some of the best people ...

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Six Tips for Approaching Burgundy Like a Pro

Breaking down the beast that is Burgundy can be an extremely daunting task, even for the most seasoned of wine professionals. The region’s ...

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What to Drink When the Heat Is On

Whether East Coast, West Coast, or anywhere in between, come mid-August, the late summer heat is at its peak. The sun is hot, the AC is turned ...

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Simplifying Wine Jargon

Here at Verve Wine, we believe that wine should be approachable, fun, and enjoyed without any sense of pretension. However, we get that the ...

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Everything You Need to Know about Summer Sipping

No matter what your preferred summer activity may be, one statement rings true across the board: all seasonal festivities are made better with ...

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What Is Carbonic Maceration and Why Do We Love It So Much?

With so much wine jargon in the world, getting a grasp on every technical term pertaining to vinification can seem impossible. However, there are ...

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Here's How to Crush Rosé All Season Long

Here at Verve Wine, we believe that rosé is made for year-round consumption. However, there’s no denying that extra-special feeling that comes ...

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What Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable, and Natural Wine Actually Mean

Here at Verve, we believe that knowing how a wine was made is just as important as enjoying how it tastes. For us, this means environmentally ...

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5 Ways to Up Your Wine Game

Thinking about diving deeper into the world of wine? With so much information, so many different grape varieties and styles, and what seems like ...

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6 Tips for Building a Go-To Case of Wine

Every wine enthusiast reaches that crucial moment in their drinking regimen when simply having a go-to bottle on hand just doesn’t cut it ...

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Are You a Vinification Expert? Test Your Knowledge Here

We all love to drink the final product-- but how much do you actually know about the production process? Test your vinification knowledge with ...

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Get to Know the Wine World’s Six ‘Noble’ Grape Varieties

In the world of grape hierarchy, six special varieties sit slightly above the rest. These ‘Noble Grape’ varieties-- yes, this term actually ...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Mind About Riesling

In the world of misunderstood grape varieties, Riesling is perhaps the most misconstrued of them all. For far too long, the grape was associated ...

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5 New Year's Wine Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Come January 1st, New Year’s resolutions are the only thing on everyone’s mind-- that is, for about thirty days, until said goals are either ...

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Sparkling Wines from Around the World, Explained

Whatever the situation, sparkling wine is always the solution. Whether brunching, celebrating the holidays, or toasting to the ‘little things’ in ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Aging Wine

To pour or to store, that is (generally) the question-- at least if you’re as into wine as we are. Knowing when, which bottles, and how to ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Decanting Wine

Serving bottles with the proper decanting etiquette, as well as at the appropriate temperature, is imperative to making sure that a wine shows its ...

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The Best Temperatures for Serving Various Wines

Temperature is easily one of the most overlooked, yet imperative, components to impeccable wine service. Consuming wines at the proper temperature ...

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Choosing a Sparkling Wine for Every Occasion

No matter what the occasion, sparkling wine always fits the bill. Whether brunching with friends, giving a holiday gift, or simply enjoying a ...

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Wines That Pair Perfectly With Fall Dishes

Fall flavors are some of our favorites; from rich soups and stews to pumpkin spice everything, we look forward to gorging on these earthy, savory ...

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How to Properly Open Sparkling Wine

Whether working the floor or simply hosting guests at home, knowing how to properly open a bottle of sparkling wine is step number one to offering ...

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What You Need to Know About Natural Wine

Love it or hate it, natural wine is one of the industry’s most widely discussed and debated topics; though for many, a few basic questions still ...

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What Are Tannins?

Tannins are hands down one of the wine world’s most highly misunderstood components. When paired properly with food, tannins in wine can elevate ...

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