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Are You a Vinification Expert? Test Your Knowledge Here

January 23, 2019 in Expert Advice

We all love to drink the final product-- but how much do you actually know about the production process? Test your vinification knowledge with these ten questions below; who knows, perhaps a career in winemaking could be in your future! (Answer key at bottom of quiz!) Be sure to share on social and let your friends know how well you did!

10 Question Vinification Quiz

1) In the equation of fermentation, what does yeast + sugar equal?

  1. alcohol

  2. alcohol + CO2

  3. CO2 + tannins

  4. alcohol + CO2 + tannins

2) How do most red wines naturally get their color?

  1. The juice inside of the grapes is red.

  2. Dye is added into the mix.

  3. The juice inside of the grapes macerates with the grape skins.

  4. Dark red grape juice is mixed with clear grape juice.

3) How does most white juice make its way out of the grapes?

  1. Crushing

  2. Macerating

  3. Fermenting

  4. Pressing

4) What is the process in which rosé wine is made?

  1. Direct Pressing

  2. Saignée

  3. Blending

  4. All of the Above

5) What is the initial juice pressed out of grapes called?

  1. Free run juice

  2. Fresh juice

  3. Loose juice

  4. Primary juice

6) Malolactic fermentation converts malic acid into lactic acid to make the juice more ___.

  1. Tart

  2. Citric

  3. Creamy

  4. Tannic

7) The term ‘brix’ refers to levels of:

  1. Tannin

  2. Sugar

  3. Acid

  4. Flavor

8) The process by which grapes begin fermenting inside of berries is called ____.

  1. Carbonic Maceration

  2. Malolactic Fermentation

  3. Secondary Fermentation

  4. Délestage

9) Water soluble pigments that give red wine their color are called:

  1. Tannins

  2. Anthocyanins

  3. Flavanols

  4. Must

10) Délestage is also known as:

  1. Secondary Fermentation

  2. Disgorgement

  3. Rack & Return

  4. Destemming

Answer Key:

1) B  2) C 3) D  4) D 5) A 6) C  7) B 8) A 9) B 10) C


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